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  • The College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was established in 2005. It includes the Department of Electrical Engineering, which was established in 1968 and provides MS and PhD studies, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, which was established in 1996, and provides MS and PhD studies, the Department of Communications, Navigation and Control Engineering, which was established in 2000, and provides MS study, and the Institute of Optoelectronic Sciences, which was established in 1997 and provides MS and PhD studies. At present, there are 73 full-time teachers, including 25 Professors, 25 Associate Professors, and 23 Assistant Professors. 

  • All of them possess Ph.D. degrees, and they are all excellent teachers, who are serious about and responsible for teaching and who love research. To correspond to current social and economic development trends and to improve students’ knowledge and capability of second specialty, our college offers diversified academic programs for all the students in our university. They include E-commerce, Electro-optic Physics, Software Engineering, Display Technology, Photovoltaics and Maritime Energy, RFID Information Applications and Safety, Maritime Telemedicine, and International Electrical and Computer Engineering. Moreover, our college is also planning other highly competitive academic programs to strengthen students’ employment competitiveness.

  • Our graduates have extensive employment options. They not only work in education and research organizations or public utilities, such as power and telecommunication companies, but also perform R&D and management work in famous high-tech enterprises in various industries, including electrics, electronics, communication, control, information, computers, and electro-optics. Numerous alumni work as executives in the companies or have started their own enterprises successfully. The graduates’ work performance is highly praised and approved by industries, governmental organizations, and academies.

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